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OpenEVSE Releases new 3.5" LCD display with WiFi February 02 2024

Now Included with all Stations and Kits Product Link Effortlessly monitor and control your EV charging station with OpenEVSE 3.5" Color Display with WiFi. This innovative device allows for seamless integration with home automation systems and offers convenient features such as current measurement and temperature sensors. Use standard protocols like HTTP, MQTT, and OCPP 1.6J for easy control and monitoring. Specifications: OpenEVSE 3.5" Color LCD WiFi Module-ESP32 WiFi Chipset with...

Chargepoint CT2000 converted to OpenEVSE September 17 2020

Do you have a EV charging station that requires a fee to operate or one that no longer works? Check out this fantastic OpenEVSE conversion from a ChargePoint CT2000 dual port station. Link  

Blog Post - Bullet Proof Charging Station... March 16 2016

    Liquid Sky designed the 80A UL listed Wattzilla which is based on OpenEVSE to be very tough... How tough? How about bullet proof...     Buy Wattzilla UL listed 80A Uno Buy Wattzilla UL listed 80A Duo Buy Wattzilla UL listed 80A Quad

Charging done Right! 54 - 80A Adaptive Charging Stations at Caltech March 08 2016

Charging done Right! 54 - 80A Adaptive Charging Stations at Caltech Updated 1 May 2016 By Christopher Howell - OpenEVSE In the latest issue of Charged EV Magazine (January/February 2016) there is an article about a large deployment of Level 1 charging. I read the article shaking my head the whole time, I feel trickle charging is too constrained and not creative enough given the technology we have today. I...

OpenEVSE UL listed in Liquid Sky - WattZilla October 19 2015

OpenEVSE customer Liquid Sky Technologies successfully passed UL certification testing this summer of the 80A WattZilla Uno and Duo Charging Stations. WattZilla is based on the OpenEVSE platform including firmware, display and the v4 Charging Station controller. Wattzilla is a perfect fit for commercial installations that require high current Charging Stations.  UL testing of the OpenEVSE platform went very smoothly only requiring slight modifications to firmware behavior. The certification testers regularly...