OpenEVSE UL listed in Liquid Sky - WattZilla October 19 2015

OpenEVSE customer Liquid Sky Technologies successfully passed UL certification testing this summer of the 80A WattZilla Uno and Duo Charging Stations. WattZilla is based on the OpenEVSE platform including firmware, display and the v4 Charging Station controller. Wattzilla is a perfect fit for commercial installations that require high current Charging Stations. 

UL testing of the OpenEVSE platform went very smoothly only requiring slight modifications to firmware behavior. The certification testers regularly commented they were shocked to see a tiny board fly through each certification tests while many others struggled.

Liquid Sky contributed all its firmware changes directly to the OpenEVSE source code. Current firmware and all boards shipped from the OpenEV store now contain the firmware with improvements made for UL testing. Note: Even though firmware comes from the same source, only firmware evaluated by UL during the certification process is UL Certified.

Liquid Sky is self manufacturing their UL listed version of the OpenEVSE v4 under the guidelines and testing procedures outlined in the certification testing. Several UL listed components from Liquid Sky will be available in the OpenEV Store in the near future. For the first time, customers will have access to UL certified components and a much faster path to certify their own products.

Liquid Sky is currently back in the UL labs working on the certification of several new OpenEVSE based products including WaltZilla, a flush in-wall station and PlugZilla.