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OpenEVSE WiFi Kit


OpenEVSE WiFi, supports control and monitoring of your station, integration with home automation and logging current measurement and temperature sensors.

Supported sensors

Power - OpenEVSE v2.5 or higher with Current Measurement Coil
Temperature - Color LED or LCD


  • OpenEVSE WiFi Module
    -ESP32 WiFi Chipset
    -Temperature sensor
    -2 individually addressable LEDs with LED expansion header
    -I2C and SPI expansion port for RFID/NFC and expansion
  • Custom power communications cable
  • OpenEVSE ESP32 3.x WiFi firmware pre-loaded


WiFi Guide- Web
WiFi Firmware Releases - ESP32
WiFi Firmware-  Source Code 
Recommended OpenEVSE Firmware 5.0.1 or later




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