OpenEVSE Essentials Combo

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This combo contains the most popular OpenEVSE components for builders worldwide. OpenEVSE v4 supports Line voltage AC and 12v DC relay coils and Current Measurement.

OpenEVSE Plus v4 - J1772 Charging station controller
GFCI Current transformer - CR8420-1K-G7TQC

Display options:
OpenEVSE Color LCD v2 - Display with clock and temp sensor
OpenEVSE Mono LCD v2 - Display with monochrome and temp sensor
OpenEVSE Color LED v2 - Light Emitting Diode with temp sensor

Default Firmware
Firmware shipped pre-loaded with this kits. GITHUB
Guide for loading firmware - Web - PDF

Source Code
OpenEVSE Plus v4, GERBERS, Board and Schematic - ZIP
OpenEVSE LCD,  GERBERS, Board and Schematic ZIP

Required to built finished Charging Station

J1772 Cable 
AC cable
Cable Glands

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