OpenEVSE Kit - Level1 & Level2 50A Deluxe


New Product - Level 1 (120v) and Level 2 (208 - 240v)
This kit is an upgraded version of the previous 30A kit.

The OpenEVSE P50D-WV kit contains the components required to assemble a Level 1/2
Charging Station designed for flexible use world wide or while on the road. The new kit is ideal for portable charging at any voltage from 90 - 264v AC. This kit is intended for use on circuits up to 50 Amps (maximum 40A continuous output). The Deluxe kit includes a color LCD, Amp and kWh meters and Charging Station based timers.

Datasheet 50A Wide Voltage Deluxe

Build Guide

Required to complete:

AC Cable to match your outlet
J1772 Cable 

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