OpenEV Store - NACS (Tesla) - EV Cable 25'

NACS (Tesla) - EV Cable 25'

$199.00 $249.00

The EV cable for NACS (Tesla) is highly maneuverable, with excellent flexibility and coiling capacity, even in cold temperatures. It is suitable for use with OpenEVSE charging stations or as a replacement for a J1772 cable, and comes equipped with a wireless transmitter for easy opening of Tesla-compatible charge port doors.

NACS (Tesla) SAE J3400

  • 48A continuous
  • cULus E345899 UL Canada and US
  • 25 foot total length 
  • Transmitter for Tesla Charge Port door
  • Very flexible and light weight 
  • Outside diameter .56 inches.
  • 9 Conductors 2 - 9AWG  - 1 10AWG 6 - 22AWG
  • Pilot Signal shielded for noise reduction
  • NTC Temperature sensors for each power pin - 12k at room temperature resistance reduces as temperature goes up.
  • 1000v - -50 -105°C FT-1 Insulation/Jacket 
  • Weight 7.0lbs 

Termination Options
- Ferrules on power, ground and pilot plus 3.3v harness for charge port door opener
Tesla HPWC Gen 3 - direct replacement for 48A HPWC Gen 3 cable. Screw in replacement (Torx T-15)
Blunt - no terminations add your own


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