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OpenEV Build guides are available online, in PDF format and an app for Apple and Android smart phones and tablets. Guides for specific progects are linked on the Store pages.

OpenEV Build Guides
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If you have a question or problem with your order.

Please send an email to OpenEV Support.

Our toll free phone number is 1 (877) 967-3638.

Support - Knowledge Base, Problem Reports and Trouble Tickets
OpenEVSE Support
OpenEVSE Group
The OpenEVSE group is a great resource to ask questions. It is monitored by all the major contributors of the project and many builders.
EV specific Forums
Most EV Forums have a topic dedicated to DIY EVSE or OpenEVSE. These are a good resource for your particular application.
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My Nissan Leaf
Prius Chat
Tesla Motors Club
My Rav4 EV