Advanced Series - 40A Charging Station

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No Assembly Required...

The most Advanced and fully featured charging station on the market...This Charging Station powered by OpenEVSE is powerful and packed with features at a price that gets you only the basics with the other guys. OpenEVSE experts have put together the best hardware and features developed by the Open Source community over the last 5 years. 

The P50A Charging Station is designed provide wide voltage support form 90 - 264v AC Level 1 and Level2 10kW at 40A and to plug into a 50A circuit with a NEMA 14-50 outlet.

Users Manual

Wi-Fi included
Built in Wi-Fi
Free Energy Monitoring

 LCD Display - 32 characters on 2 lines

Realtime current readout
Power - Current Charge Session and Total
Status Readout
Settings Menu

Charging station based timers (Start Time - Stop TIme)
Ultra Precise Clock with battery backup

Session Options
Stop after xx kWh
Charge for xx Minutes

User Adjustable Settings
Push button configuration
Charge Current

Temperature Monitoring and Throttling  
Complies with all SAE J1772 safety requirements 

3 Year Warranty  

Assembled in USA   

Weight: 9.7lbs Size: 10" (260mm) x 5" (130mm) x 2.8" (70mm) 
NEMA 14-50 Plug
Includes Mounting Hardware and J1772 Holster/Cable Wrap
Available with 18 and 24 foot charge cords

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