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Display - LCD Seal Kit


Improved LCD Seal Kit for use with custom enclosures.

1 - .250" thick Laser cut LCD window (clear)
1 - Laser cut window seal
4 - Hex stand off
4 - 10mm M2.5 screws
4 - 6mm M2.5 screws

Install Instructions:

  • Place the 4 - 10mm M2.5 screws through the top of the enclosure.
  • From the inside. Install foam window seal, then clear LCD window (remove Protective coating from both sides) .
  • Compress window foam and thread into the 4- Hex Standoffs onto the 10mm screws. Tighten each one compressing the foam fully.
  • Install the LCD from the inside with the 6mm M2.5 screws


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