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GoPlug 40A

Introducing GoPlug! The beginning of an innovative new partnership with OpenEVSE.


Industry leading Safety Features. Extensive safety check before each use.


The color display provides live power usage, state information & quick access to settings.


Customize your charging session by time, energy or power.


Earn rewards by reducing power usage during peak periods.


Removable, small and lightweight design for charging at home or on the go.


Control, automate and monitor your charging sessions over WiFi.


Easily adjust power output with the press of the button or over WiFi.


Save money by scheduling your charge to take advantage of lower energy rates.


Consumes a fraction of the energy of all competing products when not in use.


Proven reliability backed by a 3-year warranty.

GoPlug - 40A Charging Station

$499.00 $679.00

Introducing GoPlug! The beginning of an innovative new partnership with OpenEVSE. GoPlug advances the EV charging industry by bringing fresh ideas to market.

Based on the OpenEVSE "Advanced" Series this station is the most fully featured charging station on the market, offering unique safety features at a price that gets you only the basics elsewhere. Designed by charging industry experts who have put together the best hardware and software features.

GoPlug 40A is designed to support a wide voltage range (90 - 264V). GoPlug includes a standard NEMA 14-50 "RV" style plug.

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Power Interlock - Extensive self-testing and negotiation ensures charge handle is not energized until safety tests are complete.

Pilot Signal - Capabilities of residential electrical circuit and state are communicated to the vehicle

Ground Monitoring - Charging station continuously monitors safety ground while charging.

Ground Fault Interrupt - Charging station monitors power leakage to ground (required fault current 15 - 20mA).


State - Charging status is clearly displayed enhanced with color and text.

Power - Power usage displayed in real time.

Features - Easily change settings in device menu.


Up to 40A Charging 

3 Year Warranty

Designed and Built in California USA



Weight - 9.0lbs

Size - 10" (260mm) x 5" (130mm) x 2.8" (70mm)

Charge Cable - 25 feet (SAE J1772)

Input Cable - 18 inches (NEMA 14-50)

Cable Management - Holster/Cable Wrap


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