OpenEV Store - Advanced Series 48A Level 2 -NACS (Kit Bundle)

Advanced Series 48A Level 2 -NACS (Kit Bundle)

$549.00 $649.00

Summer Project Sale - $100 Off
48A NACS (Tesla) - 2 -3 Week Lead time

The OpenEVSE Advanced Series -48A Kit Bundle features robust EV charging capacity and the latest smart features for seamless integration. It is also open source, allowing for customizations and upgrades to the system. With reliable, high-power charging, you can rest assured that your electric vehicle will remain charged and ready to go.

The Advanced bundle contains all the components required to assemble a Level 2 Charging Station designed for flexible use worldwide or while on the road. This bundle is intended for use on circuits up to 60 Amps (maximum 48A continuous output). The Advanced kit includes WiFi, color LCD, Amp and kWh meters and Charging Station based timers.

-OpenEVSE Advanced Kit
-48A NACS Cable 25 feet
-48A Maximum - Input Cable NEMA 14-XX (14-30, 14-50 and 14-60 compatible)

 All weather IP68 Rated -40°C to 60°C 

Build Guide

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OpenEVSE charging stations include industry leading features at a reasonable price.


The LCD display provides live power usage, state information & quick access to settings


Charge to full, Charge for xxx Minutes (15 min increments) or Add xxx kWh (1kWh increments).


Based on the SAE J1772 and IEC Standards. Compatible with all modern vehicles.


All safety features required by SAE J1772, UL and NEC are standard.


Current is quickly adjustable with WiFi.


WiFi is included. Control, automate and monitor your charging sessions with open software and standard protocols.


Tools to integrate charging station with home automation and energy monitoring


During power up & before each charge session, the charging station performs an extensive safety check.

40A charging. Fully featured. Low price.


Power interlock - Charge handle is not energized until extensive self testing and negotiation with vehicle is complete

Pilot Signal - Capabilities of electrical circuit and state are communicated with the vehicle

Ground Monitoring - Charging station continuously monitors safety ground while charging.

Ground Fault Interrupt - Charging station monitors power leakage to ground, fault current 15 - 20ma.


State - Charging Station and EV State are clearly displayed.

Power - Real time Power information Current (Amps), Power Delivered for the current charge session (Watt Hours) & Total Lifetime Power (Kilowatt Hours)

Settings - Settings and Features can be easily adjusted with WiFi.

Powerful Performance

48A Charging - Requires circuit up to 60A
*Adjustable down to 6A to match any circuit below 60A

Set current with WiFi 6A - 48A

Kits and Components - 1 Year Warranty

Weight: 9.7lbs Size: 10" (260mm) x 5" (130mm) x 2.8" (70mm)


Advanced Series Kit

J1772 Holster/Cable Wrap

Charge Cable - SAE J1772 (IEC Type 1) - 24 feet length

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