OpenEVSE Releases 40A Charging Station Starting at $479 ***No Assembly Required October 31 2016

Fully Assembled - Begins Shipping November 14th, 2016.

OpenEVSE has just released the P50S fully assembled Charging Station that blows away the competition on both price and features.


The new charging station powered by OpenEVSE includes a NEMA 14-50 Input Cable and Ultra-Flexible SAE J1772 cable either 18 or 24 feet in length. Price is $479 for the 18' and $499 for the 24'.

The P50S includes all the standard safety features required by SAE J1772 plus the OpenEVSE developed Temperature Monitoring and Throttling which automatically reduces charge current if internal temperatures get too high. The P50S also includes many convenience features, like adjustable current, current measurement and display, power meters (session and total). The P50S also includes session options that will allow you to charge for x minutes (in 15 minute increments) or add x kWh.