Frunk Monkey full-service charging system April 01 2019

Fremont, CA and Lancaster, CA – April 1, 2019

GoPlug and OpenEVSE, two of North America’s emerging electric vehicle (EV) charging companies, have announced a new free full-service charging system called Frunk Monkey.

The age of electric vehicles has arrived and there is no turning back. For decades, drivers have grown accustomed to a choice between self-serve or full-serve fueling. GoPlug and OpenEVSE extend the self- and full-service choice to the world of EVs as well.

Autonomous sentient full-service agents will be first available for Tesla vehicles later this month. By summer 2019, all EV models will be able to be charged up autonomously by Frunk Monkey.  Drivers won’t even need to leave their vehicle. This new service will bring much needed relief and enable a more seamless experience as mass adoption of electric mobility quickly accelerates.

The most visible advancement will be to drivers: they can roam in their EVs without worrying about incompatible charging plugs, membership accounts, or unexpected fees. GoPlug and OpenEVSE believe that more drivers will go electric thanks to this new, unique and convenient charging experience. The Frunk Monkey service comes with a 30-day monkey back guarantee.


About OpenEVSE

The OpenEVSE platform powers nearly 20,000 electric vehicle charging points installed around the globe. Its technology uniquely ties together convenience, reliability, and unparalleled safety features. OpenEVSE’s platform combine efficiency with small footprint and an attractive price. Committed to advancing the adoption of electrified transportation, OpenEVSE works with new mobility infrastructure providers and OEMs around to globe for a safer, cleaner and better future. Headquartered in Lancaster, CA, the company’s footprint spans across all continents except Antarctica with deployments in 59 countries.

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About GoPlug

GoPlug advances the electric vehicle charging industry by bringing fresh products and ideas to market. It collaborates with charging solution installers and providers to accelerate the global transition to new energy and mobility. GoPlug has partnered up with OpenEVSE and has brought new products to market that resonate with consumers and business owners alike. Headquartered in Fremont, CA, the company already has a nationwide footprint across most US states and Hawaii.

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