February 2016 Newsletter February 25 2016

OpenEVSE WiFi Now Available

One of the most requested features, WiFi connectivity with Energy Monitoring is now available for OpenEVSE Charging Stations. Adding a WiFi Module will allow Real time Current and Temperature measurements to be sent to an energy Monitoring server at https://data.openevse.com

In true Open Source fashion the servers are based on the Open Energy Monitor EmonCMS Project allowing extreme flexibility. Your dashboard can be customized with inputs from multiple products and sensors. My personal dashboard contains:

  • OpenEVSE 50A Deluxe
  • OpenEVSE 30A Basic (added Current measurement CT)
  • Open Energy Monitor (Garage Temperature and Solar Current)
  • Rainforest Eagle Zigbee Gateway via Python script
  • EV - Tesla Range and SOC via Python script
  • EV - Nissan Leaf Range and Bars via Python Script

Feel Free to explore my Dashboard

The Wifi Module is based on the very popular ESP8266 chipset. The WiFi module starts up in Access point mode to allow easy configuration. 

Supported sensors

  • Current Measurement on OpenEVSE v2.5 or higher with Current Measurement CT (included in Deluxe kits)
  • Temperature - RGB LCD v1 or v2 (included in Deluxe kits)
  • Temperature - RGB LED v2
  • Temperature - Mono LCD v2

WiFi Kit Includes

  • Huzzah ESP8266 WiFi Module
  • UBEC 5v Regulated power module
  • Custom Power communications cable
  • OpenEVSE WiFi code Preloaded
  • Free Access to Energy Monotoring
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