Annual OpenEVSE Steampunk Contest May 16 2015

OpenEVSE would like to announce the first Annual Steampunk Charging Station Build Off. This contest was inspired by an OpenEVSE builder Alex who built a Charging Station around a piece of Telephone test equipment from the 1960s. His project includes a working current meter and LEDs. More info on Alex's project...


1 - Build a SAFE Charging Station, be creative and have fun

2 - Can be built with inspiration from the past or future, must use OpenEVSE hardware with all standard safety features enabled. The only exception is countries/localities that require circuit level protection rendering the OpenEVSE feature redundant.

3 - Charging Stations can be a past build, rebuild or a new build. 

4 - Enter by posting photos at the OpenEVSE forum or send via email to . Photos may be used by OpenEVSE on the Store, Guides or other material.

5 - Judging will be based on creativity, with bonus points for functionality (example working buttons, gauges, switches, LEDs, etc. Charging Stations deemed unsafe will be disqualified.

6 -. External devices are permitted such as additional microprocessors, small computers, power supplies, displays...

7 - You may use OpenEVSE firmware or noSpark firmware and remote communications.

8 - Enter any time between now and August 1st.

9 - Prize winner will receive a $500 credit or refund for parts purchased.

10 - Anyone, Anywhere may enter unless prohibited by local laws.