OpenEVSE Newsletter June 2016 June 02 2016

Support - Facebook Messenger 

OpenEVSE recently added a new support channel, Facebook Messenger. During the order process in the OpenEVSE Store an option is available to receive updates via Facebook Messenger. Updates regarding Order Status, Shipping and Tracking will be automatically sent. Communication with OpenEVSE support is simple, just reply to any message. Keep in mind, we do sleep occasionally so we may not reply instantly, but we will reply as soon as possible. 


Development - WiFi Firmware 

Firmware for the OpenEVSE Wifi Module has been under heavy development.Trystan Lea from Open Energy Monitor forked the OpenEVSE ESP8266 Wifi code as EmonESP and made significant improvements to the HTML and added CSS and JavaScript code. His improvements were taken a bit further adding Authentication, Secure HTTPS and file system support for many common web files. Working with Trystan has been great and hopefully there will be more opportunities for OpenEVSE/OpenEnergyMonitor collaboration in the future. 

A Development Branch for the new and improved OpenEVSE WiFi Firmware has been created on Github. Developers with HTML, JavaScript and CSS experience please check out the code, contributions to the code are greatly appreciated.

$1,000 Credit on Tesla Model S / X Purchase

Receive a $1,000 Credit on a Tesla Purchase using the OpenEVSE referral link.

Purchasing a Tesla? Receive a $1,000 credit and help OpenEVSE purchase a couple new Wall Connectors. OpenEVSE would like to add compatibility with the Tesla Digital Vehicle to Charging Station data-link and multi-station energy sharing. To receive your $1,000 credit please use our Referral link.