OpenEVSE Newsletter - March 2016 March 25 2016


CalTech - Charging Done Right

Caltech in Pasadena, California is installing 54 - 80A Electric Vehicle Charging Stations that dynamically monitor and allocate resources, significantly reducing infrastructure cost. Based on load, user input and capabilities of the vehicle the adaptive algorithms send commands to charging stations which are controlled by OpenEVSE.

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New Product - 50A Value
The OpenEVSE Value kit was just introduced to provide a lower cost Level 2 Charging Station kit designed for up to a 50A circuit. Several optional upgrades are available including a current measurement coil and WiFi

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Designed to be tough
Charging Stations take a lot of abuse, it can ruin your day to pullup to an out-of-service station with a dead battery.

Liquid Sky designed the 80A UL listed Wattzilla (based on OpenEVSE) to be very tough... How tough? How about bullet proof...

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Customer Spotlight - Faradice
I am fortunate enough to meet many members of the EV community, recently I meet with Faradice. 

Their OpenEVSE based product is molded in silicon to be 100% waterproof, stand up to extreme weather in Iceland and easy to service. 

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